Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm In No Mood For Love - Rachel Gibson

Rachel Gibson is a hit and miss author with me. Some books I love, others are just Okay. I think this one falls into the Okay category.

What is Clare Wingate doing? One minute she's suffering in a pretty-in-pink gown she'll never wear again, and the next thing she knows it's morning . . . and she has the nastiest hangover of her life.

To make matters worse, she's wearing nothing but a spritz of Escada and lying next to Sebastian Vaughan . . . her girlhood crush turned sexy, globe-hopping journalist. Somewhere between the toast and the toss of the bouquet she'd gotten herself into a whole lot of trouble.

Clare had the right to go wild-;after all, she'd been knocked off her dyed-to-match shoes after finding her own fiancé in a compromising position with the washing machine repairman. Clearly her society wedding is off.

But Sebastian pushed all the wrong buttons-;and some of the right ones, too. Clare is in no mood for love-;not even for lust-;and wants to forget about Sebastian and his six-pack abs ASAP. But he isn't in the mood to go away, and his kiss is impossible to forget.

The characters are nice but I never felt I knew them enough to care for them and their problems. The heroine, Clare is a good girl wanting to let go of her proper image and have some fun after finding her fiance with another man. The hero Sebastian, is a reporter who can't keep his hands off her after he found her drowning her sorrows at the hotel bar. Of course soon Clare finds herself wanting more from Sebastian and he, due to past issues, is afraid of commitment.

The book is more on the light side, telling a nice story with no external interference to the plot. Come to think of it this should be the perfect romance, there are absolutely no mystery, no suspense, not many secondary characters to distract us... but to me there was something missing. It feels nice today but I know I'll completely forget it tomorrow...

Grade: C+

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  1. I felt pretty much the same way about this one. It was ok, but not something I'll be thinking about months from now.


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