Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holly's Cooking Challenge - Week 3, Recipe 1

Baked Codfish with Corn Bread

This was our dinner the other night and it was great and, as usual, very easy!

4 cod fish fillets
300g corn bread
2 onions
olive oil
garlic cloves

In a pan warm the olive oil. Roll the cod fish fillets in the flour and put in the pan till it looks golden (both sides). Take it from the pan and add the sliced onion and garlic cloves and let it fry till it's golden too. Put the onion and the garlic in a baking tray, put the cod fish on top and over it put the corn bread (the inside only) cut in little pieces till it covers the fish. Pour the olive oil left in the pan on top and take to the oven in a medium temperature.

With this we ate potatoes that I cooked in a pan first and then added to the baking tray to finish it.

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  1. I am so going to fail this week! We've been out for dinner every night this week!


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