Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Vacation and a friend's visit

I haven't been spending much time online as Rosario arrived yesterday and we've been spending the days sightseeing. We've been having a great time, although it's a bit cold and rainy. I hope to have photos to post soon...


  1. Get out of here! Rosario is visiting? You guys have a fabulous time!


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  3. Say hi to her - and try and get her to watch a certain series that you and I have in common.

    And have yourselves a great time!!!

  4. Hi Wendy and Kristie!!

    We are having such a good time and now the weather is so much better for sightseeing...

    And Rosario is ready to be converted to the N&S crusade. She is taking a copy with her back to England and she is reading it!! ;-)


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