Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fish Puff Pastries

I was looking fot something original to cook for dinner using fish when I saw A. post about the spinach pastries and had an idea. What if I adapted them to fish? I was a bit worried as my adventures in the kitchen don't always end well but this time they did and L. loved it...

2 fish fillets
1 leek
1 onion
salt and pepper
2 egg yolks
olive oil
1 piece of frozen puff pastry

What I did was to boil 2 fish fillets for 5 minuts with little schrimps and cockles and then cut the fish in small pieces.

Then in a frying pan I cooked 1 onion and 1 leek cut in small pieces. When they were golden I added the fish, seasoned with sal and pepper and pour white wine on top of it. In a separate pan stirr 2 egg yolks and then mix it with the fish and vegetables.

I spread the puff pastries and cut it in 2. In each of the halves I put half of the fish then closing them and taking it to the oven for 30 minuts at 200º.

We ate it with spinach and cheese so not that far away from the original recipe!


  1. Nice!! I'm going to have to see if I can find frozen puff pastries in the supermarket here...

  2. It tasted really good and I've been thinking we can adapt it to other things too. I've been trying to find original fish recipes and so far I'm not doing bad am I?

  3. You won't convince me with the fish, but the shrimp doesn't sound like a bad idea. :-)

  4. A shrimp version really sounds good but I'll probably try this one too.;-) It really looks good, Ana!!

  5. Look forward to see your versions of the pastry!!


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