Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Additions to the TBR Pile

A bunch of books this week also. I've been mooching and buying non stop as I just can't resist all those lovely stories that have been recommended to me... And there are more to arrive yet... note to self: read faster!

Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre
Paul Doherty - The Cup of Ghosts
Denise Domning - A Love For All Seasons
Suzannah Dunn - The Sixth Wife
Joanne Fluke - Cherry Cheesecake Murder
Eric Ives - The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn
Anya Seton - Katherine
Dodie Smith - I Capture The Castle


  1. You know that we are going to disagree on the Cherry Cheesecake Murder love triange!

    Katherine by Anya Seton is a fantastic book!

  2. LOL yep, I'm afraid we will!

    Love Katherine too, and Green Darkness the other one I read by her.


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