Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Look

I've been thinking for a while about giving my blog a new look. I loved the look I had but it wasn't mine, sometimes I would visit other blogs and they would have the same header and background. I was therefore yearning for one of my own.

I also needed some incentive as it is a lot of work for someone who knows next to nothing of HTML. Yesterday, Alex was kind enough to offer her services by working on an image I love (one of the icons mentioned on the previous post) and I accepted the challenge. We ended up using another image and after an afternoon of arduous work in which both Alex and Ana O. tutored me we managed to put it together.

I'm totally in love with this new look! It's totally my type and it's also personal, just mine! Thank you Alex!

If you're curious the image is part of a painting called Madame d'Haussonville by Ingres


  1. Ana! I love it! It's gorgeous! Well done to all of you who worked on it!

  2. I'm glad you girls like it because I like it very much too! Alex is an artist! :-)

  3. I was dropping by to see what you were up to and what a surprise to see you have given your blog a new look!
    I love it! Great work!!

  4. Ooooh, this is soooo pretty! Ana, you might have the prettiest blog on the circuit now.

  5. Ahhh Wendy thanks!! I'm totally in love with my new look but of course I'm biased when comparing to others! ;-)

  6. Alex is such a talented artist, I'm completely in love with your new look! ;-)

  7. Yes she is! We'll have to get her to come here and read all these nice comments about her work!

  8. It's really lovely, Alex is great! :)


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