Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Second Match - Emma Lange

The Attractive Opposites . . .
The last thing the stunningly beautiful young widow Gwendolyn Tarrant wanted was a new man in her life. Her brief marriage had shown her how chafing wedlock could be. And her betrayal by a worldly London rake had taught her more than she wanted to know about men and their lies.

The last thing the magnificently handsome Marquess of Warrick desired was another willing woman in his arms. This irresistible aristocrat was bored with his legion of easy conquests, and hungered for a challenge to his jaded senses.

In Gwendolyn Tarrant . . .
The Marquess found this prey perfect.

In Warrick . . .
Gwen found the kind of predator she despised. Thus the contest was on -- between a strong-willed beauty who vowed to be neither wife nor mistress and a practiced seducer who knew everything about a woman except how to take NO for an answer . . .

A plot very similar to A Certain Reputation with the main characters fighting the attraction for most of the book till something happens to make him distrust her and mistreat her. I thought they were better balanced here as the heroine seems stronger and it's the hero that finding out the truth goes back to her to apologise and propose.

I really enjoy Lange's writing style but especially in the books where we have strong, sensible and well defined characters. She does emotions very well from the first half of the book when Warwick is pursuing Gwendolyn till the confrontation scene when he doesn't believe her and finally when he goes to meet her and her family in the end.

Grade: B

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