Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Arrogant Lord Alistair - Sheila Walsh

Miss Charity Wynyate had little more than nerve on her side when she appeared at the doorstep of Ashbourne House. yet she demanded that the haughty Duke of Ashbourne recognize her little nephew and niece as his responsibility and stood up to his rude rebuff.

The duke, however, had a way to deal with her. He told his son, Lord Alistair Ashbourne, to handle this worrisome wench.

Lord Alistair was the most handsome rake in the realm. He had never met a woman he could not bend to his will - one way or another. But then again, he had never met a woman quite like Charity...

On I. recommendation I picked this one up and really enjoyed myself reading it. Lord Alistair and Charity meet when she takes her young nephew and niece to his father as they are his grandchildren (Charity's sister married Lord Alistair's brother).

The old duke doesn't want anything to do with them but ends up agreeing to raise them if Charity keeps away from them. Lord Alistair is in charge of taking them to where they will live. Alistair was nice hero who lived up to the title as he was downright arrogant. However he seems ready for a change in his life which starts to occur when he gets to know his nephew, Charity comes back to help the children and they start spending more time together. Doesn't curb his arrogant behaviour for a while but eventually he shows another side of him and by the end of the story a different man emerges.

Grade: B

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