Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Vision of Murder - Victoria Laurie

Professional psychic Abby Cooper has invested in a fixer-upper, hoping to make a killing in the real estate market. But a killing of another kind puts her plans awry, as the ghost of a murdered woman and some troublesome poltergeists lead her into a mystery that stretches all the way back to World War II.

Well and I just couldn't resist starting the next book in the series. This book however introduces some themes I'm not as interested in, namely ghosts and some other psychic incidents, but despite that it was a nice read.

Abby buys a house with her handyman Dave intending to restore and sell it. However some strange things start to happen and they realise the house is haunted. I quite enjoyed the mystery from the past regarding some happenings from World War II and how they had to do some research to discover what happened. I usually like it when there are other stories inside the main story like it happened here. There was also a bit of a mystery in the present, or at least a fugitive to be found, but I was more interested in the other.

Abby and Dutch do spend most of this book together as he is on medical leave after being shot and that leads them to have a few fights. I found it interesting that this was the first book in which some intimacy between them is suggested. I liked that they are working on the relationship. Didn't like that Abby is once again getting into trouble because she doesn't think of the risks first.

Grade: B

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