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Born In Fire - Nora Roberts

I didn't find the back blurb for this one but found this from PW:

The first in a projected trilogy about the lives of three Irish sisters, Born in Fire gets the series off to a fine start, telling the story of talented glass-artist Maggie Concannon's contentious relationship with Dublin gallery owner Rogan Sweeney. Country-dwelling Maggie is otherworldly, prickly and outspoken, while Rogan is an urban sophisticate; nevertheless, the attraction that springs up between this unlikely pair is both believable and compelling, thanks to Roberts's (Private Scandals) skillful character development. Lacking melodramatic overtones or strange twists of fate, the plot may seem less than exciting, but the conflicts Maggie and Rogan face are refreshingly realistic and the characters themselves, well-rounded and likable, will keep readers engaged.
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Maggie Concannon lives for her work with glass. She and her sister Brianna have to put up with her widowed mother's tantrum's and selfishness after her father died and now her life is going to take a turn as a Dublin gallery owner wants to do a show with her work.

I found Maggie to a tough heroine, too tough in fact to have any interest to me. I appreciate people made tough by circumstances but that they still have something more, call it vulnerability or sensitivity, deeper feelings than that hard shell they live behind of. In Maggie I couldn't sense any of that. She was direct to the point of hurting others, and was completely self centered regarding her work and her needs. I was much more interested in Brianna, who seemed less revolted, less intolerant but not fragile and with a passionate, if hidden, nature. I was even more in finding out what happened to their mother to make her the awful person that she was. I have to confess to have really disliked the little we know of Maggie and Brianna's father who I feel must be much to blame for both Maggie and her mother's behaviour.

Regarding Rogan Sweeney, the hero, he wasn't very interesting to me either. At first it seemed he was only interested in Maggie's work. Then he develops a severe case of hots for her. I'm afraid they never really convinced me as a couple and although I'm sure I'll see them as a happy couple in the next two books of the series I'm not sure I would predict a happy marriage for them based in this story.

I think the "less than exciting" aspect that PW mentions was really what stuck with me. In the end it felt like a series book stretched a bit to make it a full length.

Grade: B-


  1. So I imagine you're going to be reading Born in Ice next? It's nice (as is the third one), but for me, Born in Fire was just amazing. I loved Maggie... NR's tough cookie heroines really do it for me. Brianna kind of irritated me *shrugs*. I do agree with you about Tom Concannon, though. Maggie's completely blind when it comes to him, IMO.

  2. LOL I just knew Maggie was your type of heroine! ;-)
    Yes I'll be reading Brianna's story soon especially now that I discovered she has a writer for a hero, I just love stories about writers!!

  3. If I am going to choose between the three sisters then I go with Maggie too. Brianna is just too homely and nice to appeal to me.

  4. I knew I wasn't going with the popular opinion on this one! ;-)

  5. Same for me, you know how much I love Maggie.:) She's honest and tough and I do think she's generous and sensitive, but in a much obvious way than Brianna. When you hear all your life you were a mistake and you are the favorite recipient of your mother's venom, a very thick skin is necessary to survive. Maggie tries so hard to hide her feelings and cares only about her work, because she thinks she would never be able to have a relationship with someone. I'll wait to see what you think of Brianna's book. I'm with Marg and Rosario, she gets a bit on my nerves.:)

  6. Never fear Ana, I'm here to rescue you! I had the same reaction to Born in Fire you did. Maggie was just too....much. For me at least. Now Brianna's story? I loved it - and I think it will work better for you too, but the story that stood out for me was book 3, Born In Shame. Murphy is the hero in that book, and he's just about the dreamiest beta hero ever.

  7. Oh thank you Wendy!! You're my new BEST FRIEND!!!! Maggie really got on my nerves! Looking forward to those 2 books then! :-)

  8. I have to go with you and Wendy on this one, Ana. I'm afraid Maggie didn't really do much for me. The story itself was well done, but Maggie was just too over the top for me. I think Nora Roberts has a hard time finding a good balance between tough, smart, independent heroine and idiot heroine who cuts off her nose to spite her face. Unfortunately Maggie fell into the latter category for me.

    My favorite of the 3 is definitely Born in Ice. I love Brianna. ;)

  9. Hey Holly nice to have more company!! I'll be reading those next books soon! :-)


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