Friday, October 17, 2008

I Love Your Blog!

Today I opened the computer and the first thing I usually do is check my Google Reader. I was sitting in front of the computer with a cup of coffee on my hand and the first feed I checked was this one. You can imagine how happy I was! This totally made my day!

I absolutely love to read Holly's blog! She is funny and witty, always with anecdotes to share. And when she is being serious I always find myself nodding in agreement. So, really, it is an honour to receive this from you!

Here are the directions for this award:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

Now as to my nominations, those blogs I also love to read and that haven't received an award yet:

Alex from Le Canapé
She is a great friend, someone I feel like I know even though we never actually met. We did talk on the phone though even if I thought she was someone else at first! My bad!!! :-(

Ana from Cosy World
Another great friend, we first met online somewhere and since then we've been talking every day. I remember the first time I met her in person and my first thought was: wow she's tall! :-)

Catarina from Cenoura do Lado
Catarina is a sweetie really, she shares titbits of her life on the blog and is a generous person always ready to lend a few books and chat about them!

Rosario from Rosario's Reading Journal
Rosario hasn't been online much lately but I'm sure she'll come back soon with more of her wonderful book reviews.

Leya from Wandeca Reads
I found a lot of my favourite cosy mysteries through her blog and a couple new authors too!

Wendy from The Misadventures of Super Librarian
I've been reading Wendy's blog for a long time now. I really enjoy her reviews and her comments on life and being a librarian. She has the dream job of every book lover.

Claudia from Estrelas ao Vento
Because she has such humorous comments about life and work. I always leave her blog with a smile on my face!

I hope I put a smile on your face too!


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'd like to thank my manager... *cough* Sorry, wrong speech! :-P

    Thanks for being such a good friend and putting up with me daily! :-)

  2. LOLOLOLOL you are the "bestest" friend ever!!Thank you for putting up with me too! :-)

  3. Moi is without words and you know how rarely this happens.:P
    It's a true pleasure to be your friend, Ana.*big hug* I'm sure we'll meet this year.;-)

    P.s. - I'm sure it's much more easy to put up with me than Ana O. She is very wicked!:P

    *running away very fast*

  4. LOL you are both very easy to put up with but I think she is about to hit you in the head after that comment! ;-)

  5. Can I sneak in without getting hit by mistake? ;)
    Thanks so much for the award, I was very pleased to know that I make you smile!!
    It's always a pleasure to read your blog too :)

  6. Ah! And I'm a lot easier to put up with :op

  7. *carting a big stick*

    Someone called? :-P

  8. Oh my! I knew this was going to happen! :-)

  9. Ana, thank you so much. :D I'm speachless... doesn't happen too often, but, wow.

    A round of applause for Ana, please!

  10. Não estou esquecida deste post, só não tenho tido muito tempo para andar por aqui tanto como desejava.
    Obrigada por este prémio, miga.
    É incrível como há pessoas que estão longe e nós as sentimos tão perto e como através de outras amigas passam de quase desconhecidas a 'top of the list'.
    Contigo foi assim :)
    Não há dia que passe sem pensar em ti, sem vir aqui dar um saltinho (mesmo não comentando) ou sem 'puxar o teu pé' sempre que te vejo online.
    Obrigada pelas tuas palavras e por fazeres parte dos meus dias. <3<3

  11. Ah, and i forgot to say that, unfortunately, i'm positive sure Ana, Alex e Fantasma are wrong! I'm the one who's much, much, much more easier to put up with.
    Much, much more.

  12. Eh eh eu pensava que ainda não tinhas cá vindo porque tinhas medo da "bulha" que para aqui vai! :-)

    Obrigada pelo carinho e podes continuar a puxar o meu pé á vontade. Se puxares com força pode ser que eu cresça mais um bocadinho! :-P

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