Tuesday, December 2, 2008

5 Minutes For Books: A Christmas Carol

5 Minutes for Books's Classics Bookclub is discussing Dicken's A Christmas Carol this month and since it's one of my favourite books I'm planning to join the fun- Come and join too!

I read the book alone although I'm trying to find a copy in portuguese to give to my mother as a Christmas present. It's been a long time since I read anything else by Dickens so I don't confortable comparing it to others, I do have Bleak House in the TBR pile to read soon though. This really one of my favourite Christmas stories and I try to reread it every year. I think Dicken's really shows what should be the Christmas spirit and how it's never to late to start living it. Charity, goodwill, caring for others, sharing what you have... that is the important message for me.


  1. I am listening to Great Expectations at the moment. I am hoping to read A Christmas Carol at some point, as I have never actually read it before.

  2. It really is great. It might -- MIGHT-- inspire me to read Dickens again. I haven't read it since high school, and even then, I'm not sure how much I actually read of it!

  3. You are so right! It reminds us of the true Christmas spirit. I just may try his other books again.

  4. Marg,
    I can't recommend it enough!

    I want to read more Dickens too, especially since I watched Bleak House on TV a few months ago and loved it too.

    And that's the important thing isn't it? I'm thinking we should read it several times a year.

  5. The only other Dickens book that I have made it all the way through is Great Expectations. I really have to be in the mood to read Dickens if I'm going to attempt one of his longer books.

  6. It's never too late! Fun book, huh?


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