Monday, December 1, 2008

The Holiday Season

December has arrived once more and with it the lights, smells and colours of the Christmas season. Every time I say I love the Christmas season I get some odd looks of people who believe that nowadays Christmas is too commercial and has totally lost its more spiritual side. Well I also don't like that Christmas is used to make people spend money but I think that Christmas is what you make of it. You can go past that commercial side and go back to the real values of Christmas. I do love the spirit of togetherness, of family and friendship, of cooking special recipes, of crafting Christmas ornaments and your own gifts. No doubt the goodwill feelings should happen all year long but if we can't have that isn't it better to have it this time of year instead of never? And maybe if you do it at Christmas you'll be inspired to continue all year long.

If you're a regular visitor you already know that I buy Christmas stories during the year to read in December. I particularly love those old regency Christmas anthologies that mention house parties, kisses under the mistletoe, sleigh riding in the snow and it's a pity that they are so hard to find now. This time I plan to share not only my readings but I'll also recipes, crafts and whatever else I get involved in.

And I would love to discuss Christmas stories, movies or crafts so if you're posting about any of this somewhere drop me a line and I'll check your blog.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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