Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Additions to The TBR Pile

5 books this week. Skin Privilege is the last book in the Grant County series and the one that brought such heated responses from the readers. I have already read it (couldn't wait) but I still have to write the review. Then 2 Corinna Cunliffe stories because I'm always eager to try new authors in this genre, traditional regencies. Vanessa Alexander is also new to me, at least under this alias, and it's historical fiction and the Jenny Crusie / Bob Mayer book I was just curious about.


  1. I loved Skin Privilege - hope you like it ;0)

  2. Hi Lynda, I loved Skin Privilege too. And I'm so happy I found some else who read it and enjoyed it. Most of the comments I read it seems people can't see past the end...


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