Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still Celebrating

I was planning to take a photo of my cake to show you but can you believe I totally forgot? Now there's only one slice left so it doesn't look pretty anymore... and I am eyeing that slice, she is just begging to be eaten!

Anyway, it was a great day although I ended up having to solve an emergency at work through the phone. I got mostly clothes for presents and only one book, Patricia Cornwell's Book of the Dead. I have already started Predator which was in the TBR pile so I can get to this one next.

Today we're celebrating L.'s birthday but he has a class this afternoon so I have some free time to come and check emails and messages.

I've been looking at the Rita nominees for this year and once again I haven't read most of them. Of the ones I've read something strucks me as odd. In the best novellas the two chosen from the It Happened One night anthology are the ones I thought were weaker. Most reviews I've read agreed with me so I wonder what happened for the best ones to be left out.

I'll be back tomorrow with the usual "new additions to the TBR pile".


  1. Arghhh!!! No photo of the cake?! After describing it in detail?! It's so cruel...*sniff*
    And the Julia Quinn nomination? Her Mr. Cavendish was sooooo boring... I never really understood the RITA and the nominations always strike me as odd. Happy to know I'm not the only one.;-)

  2. LOL oh well the cake was a bit of a disappointment as the marzipan wasn't real marzipan. It was more like hardened sugar which isn't really what I wanted. The cake bit tasted really good though.

    I haven't read that Julia Quinn yet but I've been seeing a lot of comments online about how losts of other readers don't agree with the nominations also.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad to hear that you had a good day!

    May the coming year be filled with beauty and wonder for you! ^-^

  4. Happy belated Birthday Ana and MANY more. I hope you had fun.

    Since you didn't get a photo of the cake, inquiring minds want to know the flavour. Chocolate?

  5. Thank you Libritouches and Teddy! :-)

    And no, it was all about egg yolks and sugar ;-)


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