Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prospero's Daughter - Nancy Butler

Healing Hearts

Repaying a debt of honor by helping the illustrious General Sir Janus
Paltry write his memoirs, Morgan Pearce must leave London--and a most delectable married woman--behind. And though he's not happy about venturing out to the officer's country estate, the dashing rogue cannot deny the creature comforts of Palfry Park or his instant attraction to a mysterious woman in a Bath chair.
Recovering from a carriage accident, and neglected by her family, Miranda Runyon spends her time alone ... until Morgan enters her life. At first, Miranda rebuff's his advances. But when Morgan's attentions begin to transform Miranda in both body and soul, she risks her heart for a love like none she has ever imagined.

Morgan Pearce is visiting a friend´s family when he meets Miranda Runyon, a bitter young woman who spends her days in a Bath chair after suffering a carriage accident a few years before. Miranda seems abandoned by her family and Morgan finds himself curious about her. He tries to engage her in conversation and eventually tries to help her regain her health.

Miranda is not an easy woman, she is bitter, believes herself so scarred that she is afraid to watch herself in the mirror and since she can't walk she believes her life is not worth living. Morgan has a hard time convincing her to enjoy life again but he is determined and they eventually form a friendship. Miranda stops seeing herself just like an invalid to accept who she is and how she is.

I think what I enjoyed more in this story was precisely the time they take getting to know each other. Somehow predictable is the fact that Miranda falls for Morgan first than he falls for her but even after he is forced to abandon her relative's house he does not forget her and eventually goes back to rescue her from her family's treatment.

I think I have a soft spot for less than perfect heroines and this one was a beautiful love story with really enjoyable characters.

Grade: 4/5

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