Monday, August 10, 2009

A Love For All Seasons - Edith Layton

I usually like Edith Layton's stories and when I discovered she had an anthology out in which all the stories were written by her I couldn't resist till I found it. I had no idea though that all the stories were connected and it was fun to discover it as I went along.

The story of Felicia, a diamond of the first water who unexpectedly sees the man that was courting her marry another and to have a little revenge on fate decides to engage a known rake who is a neighbour of her father's estate. The rake does see through her scheme and ends up being more honourable than his reputation and the two fall in love.

The story of Adela who married a navy officer and on the few days after the wedding and before he went away become pregnant. Now Adela's time is almost due, she is heavily pregnant and moody and her husband does not know how to deal with the woman she has become. It will take them some adjusting and talking to finally reach their HEA. Adela's husband and Felicia's fiancé are old schoolmates.

Bronwen Penny had been a rich young lady till her father's fortune vanished and she had to become a governess. One day she meets Nick, the Earl of Fairlie and one of her old childhood friends. Bronwen and Nick are attracted to each other but he sees himself has jaded and unworthy. This story had a bit of a magical feel to it and eventually the prince does realise he can't let the damsel get away.

This story starts with the improbable premise that a young lady - Marjorie - attends the wrong wake. She becomes friends with 3 other young people with whom she visiting the city's entertainments. She and one of the gentleman feel attracted to each other and she feels sad and confused when she realises that he is engaged to another young lady but he is eventually released from that commitment and the two reveal their feelings. Marjorie spends part of the action in Felicia and her parent's house.

This is Rachel, Felicia's mother story, and how after many years of marriage she and her husband find themselves drifting apart and knowing different people till they eventually have to rethink and work on their relationship. A story of how people change and sometimes have to fall in love with each other again to be happy.

While none of the stories captivated me completely I felt this was a really nice read, maybe not unforgettable but the kind to spend an afternoon reading with a cup of tea by your side and end with a smile on your face.

Grade: 3.5/5

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