Friday, October 30, 2009

101 Fantasy Reading Challenge

How weird is that I post my challenges round up yesterday and decide to start a new challenge today? My excuse is that this one is for 2010 and since I already have several of the potential reads in my TBR pile this is actually an incentive to make it smaller.

And the challenge is the 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge being hosted by Bella at A Bibliophile's Bookshelf and the rules are here. I hope to read at least 6 books from the 101 Fantasy list and already in my TBR are the following titles:

  •  BRIGGS, Patricia – Bone Crossed  - read
  • BRIGGS, Patricia – Iron Kissed - read
  • BRIGGS, Patricia – Blood Bound  - read
  • SHAKESPEARE, William – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • SNYDER, Maria – Fire Study
  • SNYDER, Maria – Magic Study
  • PULLMAN, Philip – Northern Lights
  • NIFFENEGGER, Audrey – The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • MARTIN, George RR – A Game of Thrones
  • GABALDON, Diana – The Drums of Autumn
  • ABE, Shana – The Smoke Thief - read
  • MARILLIER, Juliet – Son of the Shadows

I'm sure I'll have no trouble reading 6 titles from among these and the best thing is that although I'm planning to tackle this challenge only next year some of the books are also in my short list for other challenges so I may end up reading some still in 2009. This Challenge runs from Oct. 10 2009 to Oct. 10 2010.

Note: The Cllange is now being hosted at 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge


  1. Man, Ana! I need another challenge like I need a rash....but....but...this one sounds like so much fun. I'm breaking down, yep, breaking down and signing up for another challenge.

  2. I"ve been thinking of taking up this challenge as well. But first, I want to complete at least one of my existing challenges successfully!

  3. You are untiring, Ana! But, great, I love very active interesting people like you! Good luck e much leisure to you with your new challenge!

  4. Leya, I guess we just can't stop ourselves ;-)

    Nishitak, those were my plans too but oh well...

    Maria Grazia, sometimes I think I must be a bit crazy too for signing up for so many things... we'll see...


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