Sunday, October 25, 2009

No New Additions To The TBR Pile

There were no new books arriving at my house this week. It's all for the good of the old TBR pile but it's kind of sad at the same time because I so love to get new books... But considering I haven't been ordeing that many books lately I might have to stop this weekly "new additions" post. I'm also planning to spend the next two months doing christmas presents so I wont read all that much.

So, for today, here are a couple of fun quizzes about Halloween, we don't exactly have that tradition in Portugal although we do have one about children going trick or treating in the morning of November 1st. The doorbell ringing is not my favourite waking sound but I always have candy for everyone!

You Are Not Crazy for Halloween

You are what's known as a Halloween humbug. For some reason, you really can't get into the season.

Low carb diet? Hate kids? Have an irrational fear of fake blood? Whatever it is, Halloween just isn't your bag.

Your best option is to camp out until November 1. Resist the urge to smash pumpkins and toilet paper houses.

Start your own anti-Halloween movement. If it worked for Valentine's Day, there's sure to be some takers for Halloween!

You Are Kooky

You are all about sweet treats on Halloween. You don't mind if people get a little scared, but no one should get PTSD from a haunted house!

You believe that Halloween should be about fun not fight. You love to dress up in an amazing costume and go out to show it off.

You've even been known to take in a scary movie or haunted house, but only if it's well done and not too freaky. You'll pass on anything too gruesome.

Your favorite thing about Halloween is watching the tiniest kids have fun. Looking at them makes you feel a little bit younger too!

You are a Vampire Movie

You believe that evil isn't exactly black and white. In fact, the dark side can be incredibly seductive at times.

You like vampire movies because they are more morally ambiguous and complicated. Sometimes it can feel so good to be with someone bad.

You like the dance between good and evil. You prefer that the conflict is more nuanced and mental than physical.

Your favorite movies portray a complex villain ... films like Blade, Dracula, and Twilight.


I love to chat about books and stuff and I would love to hear from like minded readers. Please do leave me a comment :-)


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