Sunday, November 1, 2009

No New Additions to The TBR Pile

Yes, once again there were no new additions to the TBR pile. This was actually good I suppose because it gave me the idea and time to organise my mini - thematic - TBR pile for December. I always read a lot of Christmas books in December. I like to read them to get into the mood of the season and so I collect them dring the year and save them for the holiday season. This year I even managed to find a Christmas Reading Challenge to join (more about that tomorrow). So here's my Christmas TBR pile:

And there are more books on the way! Bookmooch is a very dangerous site sometimes and I just requested quite a few more books that, hopefully, will arrive in time to be added to this pile. ;-)


  1. After reading your blog, I just joined Bookmooch. It sounds quite a good site.

    Any tips on using it?

  2. Well, always describe the book's condition as that seems to be where most people complain and always ask about it if it's important to you and it's not mentioned. I have realised that what is good condition for some is not for others. Also good communication is important and can smooth almost every problem that might come up.

    My nick there is aneca, which is yours?


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