Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Additions To The TBR Pile

From a fascinating corner of history, comes a thrilling story of England in the time of the Romans. Quintus Tullius, a young standard bearer for the Ninth Roman legion, vows to properly bury his grandfather who had been killed by the Druids. In the strange foreign country of the Britons, Quintus meets lovely Regan, the mysterious foster daughter of the Warrior Queen of the Iceanians. Once, he saves her, and then in a daring scene, she rescues him. They are at once bound into history in a time of magic and mystery.

I actually received the portuguese copies of these books, I tried to find some copies in english but I was unable to,  I must conclude that they were never translated. It's a shame because this is a very interesting young adult historical fiction story. The adventures and love story of a venetian noblewoman and a muslim warrior set in Cyprus and Venice on the eve of the Battle of Lepanto was one that I greatly enjoyed as a teenager. My friend R. reminded me of these books the other day and I thought a reread was in order.


  1. Ohh, I can't wait to hear what you think about the Salgaris this time around. It's been so long since I read them that I can't even begin to guess how well they've aged. I'm pretty sure I must have the Spanish edition still at my parents' back in Uruguay, I'll have to look for them next time I go home.

  2. I have started them already and they are as much fun as they were at the time. Now I do see the historical inaccuracies and how every male fell at the feet of Hamid Leonor all too quickly but they are great fun nonetheless. And very engaging, I read it in one sitting. I think Salgari is fantastic at mixing facts with adventure and interesting characters.


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