Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Additions To The TBR Pile

A Connecticut heiress journeys to a “cracker” cattle ranch in search of her mentally handicapped birth parents. She never expects to find a home, a family and a new purpose in live, or to fall in love with the ranch’s part-Seminole owner, a cowboy struggling to care for his handicapped ranch hands and his Down syndrome brother.
Kara Whittenbrook is an unlikely heiress. Down-to-earth and lovably quirky, she's never fit in with the stogy Whittenbrook clan of Connecticut. Growing up at her parents' rainforest preserve in Brazil, she has a quaintly off-beat view of life. Now her beloved parents have died in a plane crash, and Kara's learned a stunning truth. She was adopted.
Her birth parents are Mac and Lily Tolbert. They live and work on a backwoods cattle ranch in northern Florida. Ranch owner Ben Thocco is running out of time and money. He's going to need a miracle in order to save the ranch and care for the likable crew of unusual hands he employs, including Kara's parents and his own fragile brother Joey. Kara, using a fake identity on the advice of her lawyer, gets a job at Ben's ranch in Fountain Springs, Florida, where her adventures include entering an unpredictable mare in a local horse show.


Prudence and her brother did not even know their true family name. And now, with their own Iives at stake, they hid in the very limelight of London society.
To escape detection, captivating Prudence assumed the disguise of a man. She became the favorite companion of a certain Sir Anthony Fanshawe--even though discovery meant death. Just as it seemed as though her mad pose might succeed, she was challenged to a duel.
Prudence knew it would not he long before this tall, sleepy-eyed gentleman fathomed her desperate secret.

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