Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I've Been Watching - Titanic

It's not every time we get to see a period drama as soon as it comes out. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Julian Fellowes' Titanic aired here on TV on April the 15th. I was very curious about it, having enjoyed Fellowes other works like Downton Abbey or Gosford Park. Titanic follows the line of those two shows by showing us an upstairs/downstairs version of the events.

The mini series has 4 episodes but they were shown here all in one afternoon. That made it a bit awkward as the ship sinks at the end of each episode (and so we saw it go down 4 times in one afternoon) but it also had one advantage. The characters were not that likeable, especially those shown in the first episode. I'm not sure  I would be that moved with them going down with the ship or if I would have been that interested in continuing the series if it had been just one episode a week. This way I had more time to get to know them and find out whch characters I liked the best. Some stories felt a bit rushed but in the end I thought that contributed to the urgency feeling we have as we know what is going to happen and how little time they have.

I did like that they focused on people in third class and on the stewardesses and waiters that worked on the Titanic. All those people are not usually remembered and that's truly unfair as they were the majority of the victims. Just that made it worth my while.

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