Monday, September 17, 2012

What I've Been Watching: The Chicago Code

I am a big fan of crime dramas and when I see a new one announced I try to catch an episode on TV to see how much I like it. That is what happened with The Chicago Code although I missed the first episode and only managed to catch the second one.

I was immediately drawn to this show because not only we have the police at work, cruising the streets fighting crime, but we also have the political aspect that top public servants have to deal with. And we have a very strong female character in the new superintendent of police, Teresa Colvin (played by Jennifer Beals) , who is determined to fight corruption on the highest levels. Colvin and detective Jarek Wysocki, the leader of the anti-corruption unit who was once her partner, will try to bring a corrupt Alderman to justice even if that means sacrificing family time and having a few skeletons brought out of the closet. 

I really enjoyed watching this and was actually sad that it was cancelled after one season. I think the screenwriters much have had more seasons planned because, while tying up some of the plots, there was still  an open ended feel to it.  I was looking forward to see where they would take us next.

I'm finding that I also enjoy watching Jennifer Beals act very much. I remembered her from her star role in Flashdance but I don't think I watched anything else with her for a very long time. This year I watched her in The Chicago Code and in Lie to Me and enjoyed both roles immensely.

Sadly there's no DVD available at Amazon but you can watch the episodes through Amazon Instant Video.

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