Thursday, August 2, 2007

Medieval Fairs

Medieval Fairs and reenactment are all the rage here during the summer. I usually attend when there's one near me, 2 weeks ago there was a small one in Sintra and we had great fun watching a man play with fire. I should have taken some pictures but I forgot the camera, L. took some pictures but phone cameras are not the same. This year I'm even hoping we will manage to visit the big one in Santa Maria da Feira.
I'm not sure if this a complement of my love of medieval readings or if those are a complement to my love of medieval history but I really enjoy attending these fairs. The nice handycrafts and the good food also help making these outings something memorable.

Do you enjoy visiting these kind of events?

Not sure why they don't do it with other periods but so far it's always medieval. I certainly would love to see other periods recreated.


  1. I'd like to attend one once. I almost convinced my brother and his gf to go the Puy du Fou but it's rather expensive...

    I watched not long ago a documentary on a group of people reenacting the battle of Waterloo, in Belgium I think.

  2. I love medieval fairs, Ana.:) I went to the one in Coimbra many times (I lived there for several years) and even helped my students in one of my schools in Portugal to organize a small one. We had so much fun!
    I wish I could go to the one in Santa Maria da Feira but I think one of these days, I'll go to Les Médiévales de Provins here in France:
    It just looks so nice!:)

  3. I didn't know about the Battle of Waterloo, Lluthiel. But I saw some images of the Battle of Hastings reenactment and I would really like to see it once or twice.:)

  4. Lluthiel,
    The Waterloo Battle reenactment seems interesting. I must check on the Puy du Fou you mention.

    Never been to Coimbra for a medieval fair but now that you mention it I'll investigate. I'm going to check the site you mention and you must think of coming to S. M da Feira!

  5. I've never been to a medieval fair. I've always wanted to attend one, but (that I know of) there aren't any around here. *sigh* Depressing.

  6. well it's always a good excuse to do some travelling :-)

  7. I've only ever seen one or two - they're always in the summer when I have too many other things to do! In the UK there are several societies that re-enact the Roman legions (Watling Street Guard is the only one whose name I can remember), Regia Anglorum does the period around the Norman Conquest (they do a big battle at Hastings now and then, but not every year), and The Sealed Knot does the English Civil War (1640s).


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