Friday, February 22, 2013

What I've Been Watching: Cold Case

I was aware that this series was showing on TV but I never paid great attention till I started watching season 3 and got hooked. The series follows a group of police officers in Philadelphia who investigate cases that have been shelved as unsolved. When a new piece of evidence is found linked to one of those crimes they reopen it and go over every clue and testimony again to uncover the truth.

Each episode starts with a flashback showing the victim in some event and then dead. Then the detectives come across what makes them reopen the case and we see their investigation unfold and the new information the witnesses provide is shown through more flashbacks. The cases can be relatively recent or from the beginning of the 20th century and the motivations are as varied as the periods they are set on.

 There's really no happy ending at the end of each episode but justice is done for the victims. At the end of each episode the victims appear looking approvingly to the Detectives. In the first episodes it was just detective Lilly Rush who saw them but now I think all of the characters see these ghosts.

Besides Lilly the investigative team includes Scotty Valens, Will Jeffries, Nick Vera, Lieutenant John Stillman and, the most recent addition to the team, Kat Miller. The series also shows a bit of their private lives and their past. I particularly enjoy detective Vera's scenes!

From what I’ve read only the first seasons seemed to focus more on Lilly and I am thinking that after I am finished with the last season I’ll go back to watch the 1st and 2nd. I think this is a really good series, albeit a bit bittersweet most of the times.

Sadly I couldn't find DVDs for this series or an official website so I'll leave you the IMDB page Cold Case

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