Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miss Lacey's Last Fling - Candice Hern (Regency Romance Challenge)

Miss Lacey's Last Fling
Miss Rosalind Lacey has spent all her 26 years in the country, quietly managing the lives of her widowed father and five younger siblings. When she learns she has contracted the illness that killed her mother, she decides to spend her last few months doing all the things she’s never had the time or opportunity to experience. The simple country miss is transformed into a dashing Town sophisticate as she cuts a wide and wild swath through London Society, with help from her notorious aunt and the rakish Max Davenant.

After a few twists and turns this month I managed to read the book for the Regency Romance Challenge. The first book I read for this challenge wasn't exactly a success but this one was a delightful short story that I loved to read.

The blurb says it all. Miss Rosalind Lacey finds out that she is dying and is determined to do all those things she never had time and/or inclination to do before. Since she won't have a future she wants to try every exciting thing, every new experience. She wants to dance the waltz at Almacks even if she doesn't have the patronesses' permission. Or attend a masquerade dressed as boy... She becomes a lively and daring young lady and easily attracts the eye of the gentlemen of the ton. One of them is Max Davenant. 

Bored beyond belief with the entertainments of the Season, Max finds in Rosalind a fresh and exciting woman whose zest for life and witty dialog makes him wonder whether she really is the innocent Miss her aunt tells him. Rosaling is equally smitten with Max and falling in love seems like the most daring thing she can do. But when she finds out she has been misdiagnosed she runs back home and refuses to see him.

I loved Rosalind! She is a funny and determined heroine, willing to defy convention and enjoy life while she can. I really enjoyed her funny escapades while in London. I loved how she kept making lists of all she wanted to do. I was worried that when she returns to being the quiet mouse she is at the beginning but Candice Hern manages to turn that around beautifully and this was one very good read. I'm so glad I managed to read this!

Grade: 4.5/5 

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