Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lady Ann's Excellent Adventure - Candice Hern (Regency Romance Reading C.)


Lady Ann is about to embark on an important arranged marriage but decides to experience one last day of unchaperoned fun. Her attempted escape appears to be foiled when she gets stuck in a tree. She is fortunate to be rescued by a gallant gentleman, who then accompanies her on a most excellent adventure, and steals her heart.

After having been delighted with the latest Candice Hern book I read I was looking forward to start this one and was even a bit disappointed when I realised that this was a novella. 

Due to its very short format there's no space for a lot of character development but this was a fun romp and it definitely made me realise that I should grab more books by the author. She comes up with fun plot ideas and the execution in her hands is both light, fun and a bit outrageous. In this one Lady Ann of Gloucester wants to spend a day enjoying her freedom before becoming engaged to be married to a dull man but ends up spending her day, unknowingly, with that same man, who is perfectly aware of who she is.

The characters were likeable and engaging and they fit in with the plot beautifully. The only thing that I didn't particularly care for was that Lady Ann is made a member of the Royal family and I always have trouble imagining that - somehow it always sounds fake. But that is indeed a minor flaw.

Grade: 4/5

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