Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Challenges - Final update

It's time for a final post on how I did in the various challenges I joined. I don't think I did too bad but I think I won't join as many challenges in 2014. I want to catch up on the various series I am reading instead of focusing on themes or eras...

Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge
Goal - 60 books
Books read - 71
I was afraid to aim to a high number of books but things did go well and this was probably my most successful challenge.

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
Goal  - 15 books
Books read - 7
This is a really bad result, especially for someone who used to read as much HF as I did. I'm afraid I just haven't been in the mood.

Regency Romance Reading Challenge
Goal - 2 books
Books read - 3
Another challenge that went well as I managed to complete 3 books and was aiming for 2.

Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge
Goal - 13 books
Books read - 13
Right on target with this one. It was the easiest challenge to complete.

TBR Challenge
Goal - 12 books
Books read - 8
I was hoping to do better but I completely fell off the wagon these past few months. It was a challenge that I really enjoyed though.

P&P Bicentenary Challenge
Goal - 4 books
Books read - 2
I feel really bad that I didn't manage to complete this challenge especially because I thought I would be able to watch some of the P&P related shows. But I never managed to find the time this one is a miss too.

Portuguese Historical Fiction Challenge
Goal - 6 books
Books read - 4
I was definitely hoping to do better with this one. It was lack of time mostly that stopped me from reading more books., Looking at the final list of reviews there are several books I would like to read so I'm eager to start the 2014 challenge.

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