Monday, December 11, 2006

It's a Wonderful Christmas - Edith Layton

After reading 3 anthologies I finally found a short story I loved. Edith Layton's It's a Wonderful Christmas in the anthology A Dreamspun Christmas reminded me of Dicken's A Christmas Carol.

Charming young Lady Maude has everything she's ever wanted: a husband she adores, children she treasures, good friends, good neighbors and a loving family. But the arrival of the glamorous lady who might have been her husband's former love casts a sudden doubt and clouds her Christmas. In her despair she finds herself wishing she'd never been born - and then gets to see what would have happened to her world if that were really so!

The most developed character is Maude and Layton make's us feel and believe the insecurities she has lived with all of her life. It's only when she is shown how much her existence affected so many and so much for the better that she feels whole and ready to embrace her happiness.

There's obvious similarities with the movie It's a Wonderful Life and Layton thanks Frank Capra at the end of this story for the concept.

All the other stories were Cs but I loved this one so much that I grade it an A and I'm considering keeping this anthology just because of it :-)

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