Thursday, January 11, 2007


I finished it last night, after much thought I decided to close it with a button or else it was always opening a little.

Now I'm browsing my mother's old magazines for some ideas, some have really interesting things that can be adapted to our modern tastes. I'll see if I can photograph some and post them here.

As we were looking through her drawers for the magazines yesterday we found the guarantee certificate from my grandmother's old sewing machine. It's from 1950! We were so surprised when we found that, a real treasure full of memories.


  1. Congratulations! and those are national colors, wear it proudly ;)

    The certificate sounds like a real treasure! BTW if you got a flickr accoount ( or if you don´t as well) there are some groups just with inspiring images from craft books, extremely inspiring. I found in myself an addiction to japanese craft books *sigh*

  2. Thanks T.!
    No I don't have a flickr account but I'll be sure to check those groups. Hmm maybe I should think of creating an account too :-)

  3. Wow! I'm impressed! Good job! :-) (and on a side note - it doesn't look that simple to me!)

  4. That is very impressive stuff! It doesnt look easy at all! And those little bags are always so useful. I´m always buying that to take underwear and shampoo to the gym, to carry medications while travelling and all sorts of things. Well done!


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