Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Color of Death - Elizabeth Lowell

I had some trouble grading this book. This is a romantic suspense story, however I never felt I knew enough of the characters or the story to care about them and be intrigued.

Kate's half brother has disappeared with a fortune in jewels. Kate, who is a gem cutter, is trying to find the truth and very much fearing he is dead. The cops classified said disappearence as voluntary and she must be discreet because she has received death threats.

Sam Groves is an FBI agent who watches Kate switching a sapphire at an exhibition and decides to investigate her. After being told her story he makes her his informant and they both try to find who is behind the attacks to jewel couriers and who killed Lee Mandel, Kate's half brother.

I think this book lacks some character development and the suspense plot could definitely have a few more twists to make it more interesting. Instead Lowell concentrates on describing the gem cutting and selling process which is very interesting but it doesn't make a good suspense novel on it's own. When the villain was unmasked I wasn't all that interested anymore. And since I never felt I really got to know the characters I also had some trouble believing in the romance.

Because of all of the above, a C.

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