Monday, August 13, 2007

Medieval Report

We arrived late yesterday and this morning I was too tired to write anything with sense so I decided to wait for lunch break.

We had a great time!
We arrived friday night, too late to actually go out and explore but we managed to have a good night sleep so we could start early in the morning. We did that but the whole town just started to move by lunch time.

where we had lunch

The whole center of the town was occupied by reenactors, handycraft's stalls, restaurants. Further down by the river we had more restaurants but also the recration of a medieval camp, the birds of prey area, the children's area (with medieval games) and all sorts of activities.

The time frame was the time of King John I, you can read all about it here

The decoration at the inn were we stayed

After dinner it was time for the big procession, 450 people in costume from peasonts, nobility, knights, dancing girls and lots more...

The last event on saturday was the Joust and I'm afraid it was the only thing we were disappointed with. I was expecting a serious reenactment event and instead we had some sort of a parody with a host wanting the audience to cheer on the knights like it was a football game, oh and one of the kinghts was a woman. It was hardly what I was there to see and especially after having spent more than half an hour waiting to get in and then having the people that were part of the organisation very rudely telling us where they wanted us to sit.

The birds of prey, L.'s favourite area...

Children's games...

I still haven't organised the photos, I just dumped everything on Flickr so I could show you but from what I've seen the pictures of the night's events are very bad. You can check them all here. I'm afraid neither of us is very good with the camera...


  1. Ana, sounds like you had a great time. I'm jealous! :D I've been wanting to go to a Medieval Fair for the longest time. Question: Did you dress up in costume? :)

  2. No I didn't, but I suppose it would have been a lot more interesting if we had been. They actually had shops renting costumes so maybe next year ;-)

  3. I've been looking at your photos and have been dying with jealousy. It does seem you had a great time and now I'm thinking of going myself next year. :-)

  4. Oh you should! Who knows maybe we can meet there. I really like these things so I'm always checking to see if there's one near :-)


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