Monday, April 2, 2007

Behind The Scenes

I was zapping yesterday and caught a program on TV called Infanity Prison Break and after that one Infanity Bones.

Now I have already mentioned I'm not a big Prison Break fan but I'm really curious about what's going to happen on season 2. It was a bit odd for me that the main characters are prisoners, and some of them really bad people, and I certainly don't want to watch them all on the outside. It was interesting to see how they look anything but nasty characters when they are normally dressed and don't speak with accents or foul language, and how the tattoo on Wentworth Miller's body is done.

Regarding Bones I really enjoyed learning how they make all those bones and rotting corpses and all that. All the cast seemed really nice and friendly, David Boreanaz kept making jokes, but they all failed the Bones quiz about the human body. I was looking forward to an interview with Kathy Reichs or at least some info about her but it didn't happen. I still feel the books are better but I guess I have to read more books to offer an informed opinion.


  1. Second season of Prison Break is really good IMHO. And no, some of the inmates definitely shouldn't have escaped. The thought of that will of course hunt Michael for a long time.


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