Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm Watching You - Karen Rose

I just finished I’m Watching You! I think I liked it a little more than Have You Seen Her because I found these characters more likeable. Not as perfect and maybe because of that more human.

Kristen Mayhew is the state’s attorney assistant in Chicago with the best conviction record. She works really hard, has no friends and eats almost all her meals in a nearby diner. One night as she is getting ready to enter her car and go home she finds 3 crates with clothes and a picture in the trunk of her car and 3 letters telling her where to find the bodies. There is a vigilante in action and it’s victims are all criminals who Kristen couldn’t convict. As the body count gets higher Kristen finds herself being threatened by some friends of the victims who want their own revenge. Fortunately, Detective Abe Reagan is determined to protect her at all costs and to find the mAn responsible for so many deaths.

This book evokes very different emotions from the previous one. For one the victims are really bad people who committed horrible crimes, I wont say they deserved to die for it but it’s totally different from a plot where you know someone innocent is going to get hurt. On the other hand, and maybe also because of that, the suspense doesn’t keep you on edge.

That doesn’t mean this was not a page turner because it was, I couldn’t stop reading just to find what was Kristen hiding, what was the problem with the reporter who kept going after her ( a loose end never dealt with) and how was Abe going to win her trust and eventually something more.

I’m very happy to say that I had an idea of who the killer might be around the middle of the book, But since I had no idea why I kept second guessing myself till the very end. All in all another good one even if the little surprise at the end is unnecessary from my point of view. Another B!

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  1. I'm not familiar with this author, I'll have to do some research. ;-)


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