Saturday, April 21, 2007

Have You Seen Her? - Karen Rose

Thanks to A. I read another very good Karen Rose romantic suspense yesterday. In this one Special Agent Steven Thatcher is assigned to a new case, a girl has disappeared and is soon found murdered as another girl follows. At the same time his oldest son starts to behave oddly and he is called to school to speak with his teacher, Dr Jenna Marshall.

I really liked this book, I thought the suspense part was well done and like the characters I couldn’t guess who the murder was right till the end. Till then I was thinking it was somebody else. There are some scenes from the serial killer point of view which are used to show how the killing spree is escalating and also how much he is obsessed with Jenna.

Regarding the main characters both of them had some baggage to deal with. With Jenna it was her parents and with Steven the kidnapping of his son a few months earlier (and the precedent book) and his insecurity regarding women because of his wife. I could understand how one would be affected by what he perceived as a similar situation but at the same time he doubted Jenna a bit too much. Especially in a time when she was in danger and ended up being attacked when he left her alone. Wouldn’t it have been more mature to talk about things instead of jumping to conclusions and running away? And one thing I couldn't agree with was his holding the truth from his sons, at least from Brad who was old enough to understand. I ended up guessing what could be Brad's problem...

I also have some doubts about the love triangle the author tried to create with Neil, the cop from Seattle, who brings new light to the case. I don’t really like love triangles and fortunately this one doesn’t actually happen but I really liked Neil’s character. Since she frequently brings secondary characters to the spotlight I’m hoping he will be a hero in a future book.

A B! And since I have her next one right here I think I'll pick it up right away.


  1. So many books, so little time! I've been meaning to try Karen Rose for months now, and I even have a couple of her books in my TBR (including this one), but I STILL haven't got to them!

  2. Ah you have to move them up on your pile Ro, they are really good!


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