Thursday, May 10, 2007

Books & other things

Yesterday I received Diane Mott Davidson’s The Cereal Murders from Bookmooch and Ken Follett’s The Pillars of The Earth from Virgulina. I’m looking forward to start both although I may have to save the Follett for when I have more free time. It is 1076 pages long…

On a totally different subject I am undecided on where to go on vacation. It seems I wont be able to do anything that includes a lot of walking. My foot is still in pain and the second doctor I went to decided I needed more exams before reaching a conclusion. I’m the mean time I’m still in pain and I limp instead of walking. So I’m thinking some light destination like Mallorca or Menorca where I can visit the places of interest half the day and just lay on the beach the rest of the time.
Anyone has any other destination with these characteristics they might want to recommend?


  1. It took me a while to read "The Pillars of the Earth" but it was well worth. I hope you enjoy it as much! :-)

  2. I REALLY want to read Pillars of the Earth one day!

  3. If you want to borrow mine, you'll just have to wait for Ana to finish it. :-)

  4. I loved The Pillars of the Earth, but yeah, that is one loooooong book. I think I'd be too lazy to start it these days.

    And Ana, I'd say pick Uruguay, but laying on the beach in the kind of weather we're having will turn you into an icicle! *vbg*

  5. Virgulina and Marg
    I hope to enjoy it too! I'll put up my review as soon as I've read it so Marg can decide if she wants it or not.

    Glad to know you enjoyed it. I would love to visit Uruguay in the summer but you know L., not even with the Francescoli incentive can he face 12h locked up inside a plane...

  6. Malta! One of the most beautiful places in Europe.
    I'm also deciding where to go this year, Ana.:)

  7. I've been to Malta already but you're right, it's beautiful! Did you visit Comino? I went to Gozo but not to Comino.

    Of course this shouldn't stop me, I'm considering Mallorca and I've already been there 3 times although none as an ordinary tourist...


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