Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fudge Cupcake Murder - Joanne Fluke

This book is nº 5 in the Hannah Swensen series.. This time Hannah discovers the Sheriff's dead body inside the dumpster and since her brother in law becomes prime suspect - because they were both running in the local elections - she has an added motive to find the killer. Not that she really needs a motive....

I did like the mystery, it was interesting and there were a lot of possible suspects, but I think that what really makes this series are the recipes and Hannah's relationship with family, friends and her cat, Moishe.

Hannah and her sister Andrea team up to solve the murder and not even being limited to bed rest stops the very pregnant Andrea. Meanwhile Hannah continues with her indecision about Mike or Norman... Norman is away for most of the book and Mike stays away because he is acting Sheriff and suspended Bill - the brother in law. I didn't much like that Mike seemed to be dating someone else without explaining things previously. But since I'm not a fan of the Norman / Hannah / Mike scenario I guess I can't complain much. It's just that it's hard to understand how she keeps comparing them and they aren't even jealous of each other.

I really like the Cookie Jar setting but it seems Hannah is spending less and less time there baking. One of these days I'll have to try one of her recipes because my mouth just waters when I read some of the descriptions.

As a final note I think Hannah's cat is also a great character! A really entertaining read and so a B+.


  1. I still have the first one TBR but if it offers good recipes, my weight will complain. ;-)

  2. You are nearly caught up to me! I must read another one of these soon!

  3. Ana,
    The recipes sound really yummy, I think you can find some on the author's website

    I've been doing great progress in my cozy mysteries and trying to read them all in order :-)
    Ever since I saw your series listing I've been trying to do the same as we have some series we are both reading :-)


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