Friday, January 25, 2008

Chocolate and Cookies Cake

I've been reading slower this month but hopefully tomorrow I'll have a review ready. In the mean time I leave you a picture of the cake L. made last weekend. It was yummy and of course now it's all gone!!


  1. Eu ADORO bolo de bolacha. Que inveja!!!:P

  2. Eh eh eu também... por isso é que já havia tão pouco quando tirei a fot :-D

  3. Parece deliccious.
    We call it fudge cake here, and I too LOVE it and am envious! Just this week past I was tempted to make a batch but I'm trying to watch my weight - and if I had some here at home I don't think I could stop with just having a little!

  4. Eu não ligo a bolo de bolacha, mas este tem um excelente aspecto. Nham!


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