Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Additions to the TBR pile

A nice selection this week, other than the Domning they are all new authors to me...

Alessandro Baricco - Silk
Joanna Bourne - The Spymaster's Lady
Denise Domning - Autumns Flame
Melanie Rawn- Dragon Prince
Dorothy L. Sayers - Whose Body?
Rosy Thornton - More Than Love Letters


  1. Oh, so you're starting with Sayers, then? I adore her books, although my faves are the ones with romance, which doesn't start until book 5, IIRC.

    Loved the Bourne, BTW.

  2. The Sayers is wonderful. It's good you are starting with her first book of Lord Peter. The Baricco is also very good.

  3. Yes I've decided to start with Sayers,I'm very curious about Lord Peter Wimsey!

    Both the Bourne and the Baricco were gifts and I'm curious about both.

  4. I'll look forward to your thoughts on Lord Peter.


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