Friday, August 8, 2008

Which Drake Sister Are You?

I first saw this at the Book Binge and being a Drake Sisters fan myself I couldn't resist doing it too!


Find out at!

Here's what they told me my results were:

You are most like Sarah.

sistermatchher book
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You are like Sarah Drake, a born leader and the eldest of your family. If there is a crisis people come to you. You have a quick mind and are able to solve extremely difficult problems. You are known for your hacking talents and no computer is safe from you. You are very reliable and considered “the rock” of your family. You are athletic and love to be outdoors. You have a penchant for breaking and entering; locked doors pique your curiosity. Your favorite pastime is curling up with a book by the fire and having a cup of tea. Brainiacs are for you, especially ones who can keep a secret.

Your colors: the colors of air — yellows and greens
Elle60%Hidden Current
(to be published: 2009)

This reminds me that I have yet a few books to read in this series... Off to unearth them from the TBR pile...


  1. Será que consigo comentar neste?

  2. I can't for the life of me comment on the Nightstand post, so I'll just have to do it here, Blogger seems to be having a fit today! :-P

    I don't have anything on my nightstand, I usually pick what I'm going to read next when I finish what I'm currently reading.

    From your pile I haven't read anything but I'm really really curious about the Doherty book!

  3. Hey, we're twins!

    I can totally see you as a Sarah, too. :)

  4. Ana
    the funny thing is though I always have something on the nightstand I'm always picking something else to read. Of course I will try to change that now that I'm doing this but yesterday I started another book that wasn't on that pile - The Winter Rose.

    twins it is! :-)


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