Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To Love and To Honor - Anthology

I've been looking for this anthology ever since I heard a short story by Anne Stuart about a certain High Sheriff of Huntingdon that she based in Alan Rickman's performane as Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prine of Thieves was a part of it.

Her story the only one of read and I'm happy to say I enjoyed it very much. It's called The High Sheriff of Huntingdon and it tells the story of of the evil, always dressed in black, Sheriff and his convent raised wife who he married for her dowry and suprinsigly discovers has quite a bad temper. The story also includes the Sheriff's witch of a mother, who is actually not that bad and really only want a grandson. In the end Sheriff is still convinced he is quite bad but his is not as sure. It was a wonderful little story and I was sorry to see it end. Also the premise would have given a great full lenght novel...

Grade: A

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