Friday, February 20, 2009

Hazard - Jo Beverley

YOU'VE NEVER MET A HEROINE LIKE LADY ANNE PECKWORTH. The sheltered daughter of a duke, she has always been a perfect lady, even when jilted. Twice. Now, however, she's angry, and she's angry at the single most reckless, most irresponsible, most irresistible man she's ever known ....

YOU'VE NEVER MET A HERO LIKE RACE DE VERE Far below Anne's station in life, he has invaded her orderly world like a pirate, tempting her to the edge and beyond. He leads her into impropriety, into wickedness, and then into the most dangerous step of all -- the adventure that could win or lose her everything in one hazardous night.…

What a wonderful heroine Beverley has created in Anne Peckworth. Here we have a proper, shy, crippled young lady who has been kilted twice (or almost) and suddenly decides to take her fate into her own hands and choose her husband.

It is true that Lady Anne has a little help from the “madman” Race de Vere. He is the first man with whom she finds herself comfortable with and who awakens her feelings. It is quite refreshing the way Beverley built Anne’s character. She is decided and, if not totally self confident, she sees how differently people look at her once she decides to enter society and have a care with her appearance and social behaviour.

She realises that she is not looked at with pity because of her club foot but that in fact several gentleman are pursuing her with the idea of marriage. Anne’s problem is that she cannot forget Race or the feelings he awoke in her. In fact everywhere she goes she looks for him and tries to engage him in conversation.

Race is painfully aware that he is of very low standing in society’s eyes and staying away from Anne is the best thing for both of them. In fact he was first sent to her by the Rogues as Nicholas Delaney felt they were somewhat responsible for her as two of them had given her false hopes but not as a prospective bridegroom.

It is quite funny and interesting to follow their verbal sparring even if it’s a bit sad to see how Race tries to avoid Anne. It is a very good thing though; that the author never lets them fall into misunderstanding territory or have Anne sulking and unhappy about what’s happening. She decides to look for another as husband when Race seemingly doesn’t want anything to do with her but she is back, decided to conquer him when the opportunity arises. Although Race is the character all the others love and stands out in a crowd, this is truly Anne’s story and she makes a wonderful main character – warm, nice, understanding and decided to finally get what she wants.

As a side note, I think that after reading about St Raven’s part in bringing them together I’m really going to have to reread his story soon.

Grade: 5/5

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