Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Yorkist Age - Paul Murray Kendall

My last review for the Medieval challenge is about a non fiction book and so naturally different from my other reviews.

Paul Murray Kendall's The Yorkist Age is a very interesting book about the daily life during the Wars of The Roses - that is in fact its subtitle. I may not be the ideal book to read in one sitting but being filled with interesting historical facts, many of them quite fun, it is the ideal book to have at hand whenever you want to know more about this period. It's a valuable research tool but it's also something to savour now and then.

The prologue is an introduction to the period and the main body of work is divided in three parts focusing on The Mayor (the municipality and its government), Other Important People (the different levels of society from the King to the merchants and pirates) and the Household (from estate management to marriage and the place of women and children in society. It ends with an epilogue devoted to the Wars of the Roses.

Highly recommended to those who want to know more about the Yorkist Age.

Thank you for a great challenge!! :-)


  1. Sounds very interesting. Hope you enjoyed the challenge ;0)

  2. Yes I did very much! Thanks Lynda! Whenever you decide to do a new one count me in ;-)


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