Friday, August 28, 2009

My New Toy

I am a very lazy person. My hobbies are reading or watching DVDs and exercise is never on my plans. However I do need it and I've been thinking what could give me an incentive to start exercising without feeling I would rather be reading a book. Then, all of a sudden, A. and A. started talking about audiobooks and I thought that might just be the perfect solution. That way I'll be exercising and listening to books. So after much thought this weekend I dragged L. to the nearest shopping center and I got me an Ipod Nano.

Isn't it just lovely? Let's hope it does work. I'm going for my first walk with it today (if the rain doesn't make an appearance that is) and I'm planning on listening to Georgette Heyer's Friday's Child. The plan is to go for walks everyday so even if the book is really good I will only listen to it while walking so I'll stay motivated. Wish me luck.


  1. I love my iPod. I got a 30 gig several years ago and just recently got an iTouch.I listen to ALOT of audiobooks so my little toy holds several books at one time so if I'm in the middle of something and the book ends, I just scroll onto my next one! I'm reading the Virgin River series right now.

  2. I hope to love mine as much as you do yours. :-) So far I haven't used it much, just around the house while doing chores, so I definitely want it to become a daily habit. :-)

    Is the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr, heard lots about it but never read/heard one.

  3. I hope you enjoy many hours of listening to books Ana!

  4. How's the iPod going Ana? I also got a Nano recently, my classic died on me! I listen to books and also to radio interviews that I've missed out on by being at work during the week.

  5. Hi Dee, I'm using it mainly for music and audiobooks, so far I really like it...


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