Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's On Your Nightstand?

I'm afraid the books on my nightstand have been changing really fast lately and I end up not reading what I had planned. I have a lot of reading challengesending in December and I decided to make the effort of trying to finish this month so I can start my holiday reading in December with less stress. The good thing is that I read quite a few good books, for instance Dissolution by CJ Sansom, Red Adam's Lady by Grace Ingram, Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati among others. I still have a few challenges to complete, namely the ones devoted to holiday reading, but this time I planned my pile accordingly and I do hope I will actually read what is presently in my nightstand. Wish me luck!

My camera's batteries were dead this morning so I couldn't take a picture but on my pile are Jane Austen's Emma, the christmas books I mentioned in an earlier post, Charlotte M Yonge's The Little Duke and that's it. I'm afraid that if I'll add more I'll fail again.

Thank you to 5 Minutes For Books for hosting this challenge that allows me to control my TBR on a monthly basis. It seems to me that have to keep the said TBR on a tighter leash. ;-)


  1. Ah yes, the ever-rotating bookshelf. I understand! Best of luck to you in accomplishing your reading goals-- the cool thing is that they can always be renegotiated. :)

  2. Some good authors there. I hope you get around to some of the books you hope to read. :)

  3. Continue on with the "Wilderness" series, it is good. The newest installment comes out first of next year.

  4. My problem with the books on my nightstand is that they don't change. The pile that is there stays the same with the exception of the top one which will be whatever I am reading, or when I add yet another book!

  5. I suggest you remove all of them from the nightstand and start with a 2 book pile, the one you're reading and the one you want to read next. And then go from there...

  6. Thanks for letting me know Nise, I do plan to continue. ;-)


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