Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Medieval Challenge

Yes, I am joining another challenge but this one almost doesn't count as I love reading medievals and have a bunch of them in the TBR pile.

This challenge is designed to get us all reading a little more medieval literature in 2010. The challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st, 2010, and will be hosted right here at Medieval Bookworm. Challenge genres include history, medieval literature, and historical fiction. Medieval, for simplicity of definition, will be from 500-1500, and literature from all over the world is welcome, not just western Europe.

And since I have so many I really should enter for the King level but I'm afraid that most of what I have is fiction and I'm not sure if I'll feel like reading history and medieval literature. And after last year I prefer not to pressure myself so I'm entering at the Peasant Level and I then I'll see if I want to continue.

Peasant – Read 3 medieval books of any kind.

Reading suggestions can be found here

Books read:

1 - The Conquered Heart - Denee Cody
2 - I Serve; A Novel of The Black Prince - Rosanne E. Lortz
3 - The Linnet - Elizabeth English


  1. Hey, this one is on my to sign up for list! :-P

  2. Oh geez....I'm up to my eyeballs with challenges, but I'm gonna have to join this one too! I'm a sucker for medieval fiction!

  3. I'm planning to join this one too!:)

  4. OK I'm in on this one too...I cant say no to a medieval challenge...its my favorite time period!

  5. Looking forwarc to see your choices Muse! :-)


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