Thursday, July 29, 2010

Books by Carla Kelly

A Season for Heroes. FAR West Magazine, 1978
Kathleen Flaherty's Long Winter. FAR West Magazine, 1981
Daughter of Fortune. Pocket, 1986
Summer Campaign. (Signet Regency Romance) 1989
Miss Chartley's Guided Tour. (Signet Regency Romance) 1989
Marian's Christmas Wish. (Signet Regency Romance) 1989
Mrs McVinnie's London Season. (Signet Regency Romance) 1990
Libby's London Merchant. (Signet Regency Romance) 1991
Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career. (Signet Regency Romance) 1992
Miss Billings Treads the Boards. (Signet Regency Romance) 1993
Mrs Drew Plays Her Hand. (Signet Regency Romance) 1994
Reforming Lord Ragsdale. (Signet Regency Romance) 1995
Miss Wittier Makes a List. (Signet Regency Romance) 1994
The Lady's Companion. (Signet Regency Romance) 1996
Something New in Wedding Bouquet. Signet, 1996
With This Ring. (Signet Regency Romance) 1997
Make a Joyful Noise in A Regency Christmas Carol. Signet, 1997
Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind (Signet Regency Romance) 1998
The Christmas Ornament in A Regency Christmas. Signet, 1998
An Object of Charity in A Regency Christmas Present. Signet, 1999
The Background Man in The Grand Hotel. Signet, 2000
The Three Kings in The Regency Christmas II. Signet, 2000
One Good Turn. (Signet Regency Romance) 2001 -- Sequel to Libby's London Merchant
Libby's London Merchant & Miss Chartley's Guided Tour. (Signet Regency Romance) 2001
The Buffalo Carcass on the Company Sink: Sanitation at a Frontier Army Fort. North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains. Vol. 69, 2002
The Light Within in A Regency Valentine II. Signet, 2002
The Wedding Journey. (Signet Regency Romance) 2002
No Room at the Inn in The Regency Christmas IX. Signet, 2002
Here's to the Ladies: Stories of the Frontier Army. Texas Christian University Press, 2003
Let Nothing You Dismay in Regency Christmas Wishes. Signet, 2003
'To Restore these Children': Fort Totten's Preventorium, 1935-1940. Northern Great Plains History Conference (2004: Bismarck, North Dakota)
A Hasty Marriage in Wedding Belles. Signet, 2004
On the Upper Missouri: The Journal of Rudolph Friedrich Kurz, 1851-1852. University of Oklahoma Press, 2005 (Editor)
Beau Crusoe. (Harlequin Historical Series) 2007
An Object of Charity in A Homespun Regency Christmas. Signet, 2008 Note: re-issue of short story published originally in A Regency Christmas Present.Signet, 1999
Marrying the Captain. (Harlequin Historical Series) 2009. Sisters Trilogy Book 1
The Surgeon's Lady. (Harlequin Historical Series) June 2009. Sisters Trilogy Book 2
"Christmas Promise" in "A Regency Christmas." Harlequin, October 2009
Marrying the Royal Marine. (Harlequin Historical Series) June 2010. Sisters Trilogy Book 3
The Admiral's Penniless Bride. (Harlequin Historical Series) December 2010
Borrowed Light (Cedar Fort, Inc.) February 2011
Marian's Christmas Wish, (Cedar Fort, Inc.), September 2011. Note: reprint. Originally published by Signet Regency Romance in 1989
Coming Home for Christmas, (Harlequin Historical Series) November 2011
Enduring Light, (Cedar Fort, Inc.), January 2012
Marriage of Mercy (Harlequin Historical Series) May 2012
My Loving Vigil Keeping, (Cedar Fort, Inc.), August 2012
"An Outlaw Christmas" Intermix, 19 February 2013
"The Hesitant Heart" May 2013
"The Double Cross"

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