Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Additions To The TBR Pile


The moonlight shone on the quiet village green and on a man's two motionless feet stuck through the holes of a pair of stocks. Wealthy Arnold Vereker had been murdered, and every member of his eccentric family had a motive--money. Was it his half-sister Antonia, whose marriage he had forbidden, or her embezzling lover? Could it have been Arnold's half-brother Kenneth, heir apparent, or perhaps it was the delectable beauty, Violet Williams? And then there was Roger, his "dead" brother, who appeared right after the murder? It must be someone, attractive Inspector Hannasyde kept telling himself in one of his most puzzling cases ever.


  1. Heyer is so hot suddenly! I just got Cousin Kate from the library!

  2. So true! I hope you like Cousin Kate, I haven't read it yet...


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