Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Portuguese Historical Fiction Challenge Update

I thought now would be a good time to post an update to the Portuguese HF fiction. I have finished my first book - I'll post my review in the next few days - and there are already a few other reviews entered for the challenge that I want to acknowledge. 

I'm considering doing these monthly updates to make easier to keep track of reads and give it more visibility. One of the goals of this challenge is to find more reading recomendations and it's easier to make them known if I list them regularly, this way you can do some blog hopping and check the reviews. So here are the current entries by the order they were added:

  1. Quando Lisboa Tremeu by Domingos Amaral - reviewed by Mady
  2. D. Dinis by Cristina Torrão - reviewed by Inês Montenegro
  3. Já Não se Escrevem Cartas de Amor by Mário Zambujal - reviewed  by Inês Montenegro
  4. Quando Lisboa Tremeu by Domingos Amaral - reviewed by Inês Montenegro
  5. Angola, o Horizonte Perdido by António Coimbra - reviewed by Inês Montenegro
  6. O Remorso de Baltasar Serapião by Valter Hugo Mãe - reviewed by Mady
If you want to join the challenge  and/or add any reviews you can find the details here. Looking forward to see what other books will be joining these on my next update.


  1. Olá! :) Se calhar nao funcionou muito bem o meu primeiro link, mas tb já li o Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo. Aqui está o link novamente:

    1. Oops esse tinha-me escapado. Obrigada. Vou inclui-lo na próxima actualização :-)


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